Wednesday 7 September, 2016

Snake, Lizard and Amphibian Identification

Need to identify a snake or other reptile?

Many people are encountering snakes in the wild or in their gardens and in most instances they have a cell phone with a camera. If you are not sure what snake you have encountered, take a photograph and submit it for identification. Several snakes are killed in gardens and on roads and this is another opportunity to get a photograph and have the snake positively identified. It may save the life of the next harmless snake in your garden. Even in the unlikely event of a snake bite, take a photograph of the snake from a safe distance (it is never a good idea to try a kill a snake as a second bite would really complicate matters) and submit it for identification. This may well assist the doctors when treating a victim.

With over 350 reptile species in South Africa it is not easy to identify tortoises, lizards and snakes. If you come across a reptile, especially when in the bush or visiting a game reserve, take some photographs and submit them for identification. GPS coordinates will also help and if the observation is of scientific interest, it will be submitted to the Virtual Museum. The better the quality of the photograph, the easier to make a positive identification. If you have a good camera, take photographs of the sides of the head and body as well as from the top and include a locality with your photograph. Send your observation details to me. (See form below.) There is still very little known about most of our reptiles and amphibians and such notes may be of great value.

Send your photos with with all additional information to:

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All approved snake identification pictures will be displayed in the African Snakebite Institute Photo Galleries